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Blackberry PIN Release

Could anyone tell me how I release my Blackberry PIN from Vodafone?





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Re: Blackberry PIN Release

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Hi jasonhendry,


First of all a very warm welcome to the eForum, it is great to see new users! :smileyvery-happy:


I will gladly help with this. As the PIN is unique to yourself I will need to look at your account in more detail. I have sent you an email to complete and reply to, this way we can progress and resolve your query. :smileyhappy:


I hope to hear from you soon.


Many Thanks



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Re: Blackberry PIN Release

you DO NOT need to release PIN`s anymore, it automatically transfers when a new BIS/BES enabled simcard is placed into the device. this has been the case for over a year now since BIS3.0 was rolled out.

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Re: Blackberry PIN Release



so if i buy used bb from ebay and put my simcard into it, it's gonna register automatic in vodafone with my email and all stuff?? 

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Re: Blackberry PIN Release

yes, if your sim card has BIS (or BES) then it will as long as


a) the phone is unlocked to all networks, or from vodafone already

b) its not been reported stolen (ebay is always a good place to be cautious with this stuff).


of course if its b, then ya wont be able to call or text either.

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