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Blackberry Storm Fault


I was sent a blackberry storm phone from you guys in march 09, but i have had so many faults with this phone.

The faults are:

> I cannot send txts as my phone will freeze i then have to take the battery out and then takes over fithteen mins to turn back on.

> When browsing the internet my phone will freeze again and saty frooze until i remove the battery.

> I have had problems where my phone will not charge or turn on.

> I have had problems where my internet has expired and the store didnt know or technical didnt know why it was doing this.

> My phone on a full battery will only last for 3hrs and the will die. Thats with no blutooth, no phone calls, no txt messages.

> my phone will die after a 10min phone call on a full batt.

> I have been to the shop countless times and i am now on my FORTH battery.

> My phone also when trying to use it will come up with a fuzzy screan

> (only waly to explain this is like when your tv is on and it losses its picture) The above faults i face everyday and has now become a joke.

The fault has been with this phone from day one and i am not willing to pay out for another battery at £30.00 a go for the battery to mess up again or even try another battery.

This phone has an inherant fault, with the problems i am facing with my blackberry i do not want to change this phone for another blackberry.

I am without a phone again as it has become once again for the fith time now unusable.

Please can someone get back to me about my issue.


Terri :angry:
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Blackberry Storm Fault

Hi Terri

Wow you have certainly had more than a few issues with your handset here. I think we need to discuss these issues with you directly so I have sent you an e-mail requesting a bit more information from you. Once we have your response we will be in touch.


Andy H
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