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Blackberry Update/Backup Problems

Hi everyone,


I've had my bb9900 since october but never really plugged it in to my MacBook Pro to back things up or stuff with Desktop Manager, but thought I'd do it over Christmas.  Tried to back it up, but it never worked!  It keeps getting stuck on 'Social Feeds' and ive read around on google but no one seems to know the answers on how to fix it or why?  Now when i plug it it, Desktop Manager keeps telling me there are updates but i cant install because of the whole backup issue, it tries to create a backup but hangs on social feeds then says it coundt contine..


any help?  Ive signed out of facebook and twitter, pulled the battery out a couple of times but still the same problem

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Re: Blackberry Update/Backup Problems

Hi asilazad,

I will first apologise that I am not 100% up to speed on the Mac OS and software.


In reference to the problem that you have, the first thing i would suggest is to ensure that you are using the cable which was provided with the BlackBerry device.  If you are not, are you able to try it with the provided cable, as this can sometimes affect how the BlackBerry communicates with the computer.

The second thing I would try would be to try on a different computer (if possible), as this will rule out it being a problem with the BlackBerry itself.

The third option would be to uninstall the BlackBerry Desktop Software, re-download it and re-install in case it did not install correctly.


Option 4 (Not sure if this applies to MAC or not).  Re-Insall and run the software with ADMINISTRATOR PRIVELEDGES.


Again, apologies for my lack of experience with Mac, but hopefully the above is of use and helpful



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Re: Blackberry Update/Backup Problems

Same problem here ! driving me nuts.. and the only reason i am trying to update software is that this terrible phone doesnt work!! and now it seems the update system doesnt work either!! time this phone went to the bin along with blackberry!! apple all the way

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Re: Blackberry Update/Backup Problems

Hi guys,


Have you guys tried removing the Social Feeds app from the handset?


This can either be done on the handset in Application Management under the Device menu in Options, or by using the Applications section in the Desktop Software.


I removed my Social Feeds app as it was one of the things that was consuming my BB 9900 battery.




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