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Blackberry and extra charges





I am furious about my new Blackberry 9800 Torch upgrade! I have already had it a week so made calls added pictures etc only be told today by Vodafone customer services that I have to pay extra for emails and some other minor service which came free on my Nokia.

Has any one else been conned by the sales team at Vodafone by not telling you this while selling the upgrade! I am stuck with this for 2 years now and already paying £35 a month now they want £5 more.

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Re: Blackberry and extra charges

Not exactly the same, but similiar. I had a Blackberry Curve 8520 and i had unlimited internet and blackberry use / services / emails whatever. I sent two picture messages through email and got charged. I never got told it would charge when i brought the contract. Nevermind. This was months ago though, i was furious with Vodafone though. :/

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Re: Blackberry and extra charges

Hey leswaltdave,


Welcome to the Vodafone eForum from all of the team.


I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with your new Blackberry and its services.


When you did the upgrade to your Blackberry you should have been quoted a new price plan that is Blackberry specific and has BIS included in it.


As this is an account specific query we will need to access your account to fully resolve it, so we can do this I have sent you a quick email, please reply with your details and I can get one of our team to sort everything out for you.



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