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Blackberry rollerball faults

I got my daughter a blackberry curve just over a year ago within 4months the rollerball broke on her phone.we had it insured with the bank so was sent away and got fixed. Had it back 2 months then fault happened again . I thought my daughter must be to harsh with it . So my wife got a blackberry only for this to happen to her within 3 months this must be a serious design flaw as 3 phones within a year have the same fault . Tied now with a contracts that run to July 2013 and January 2014. Can,t get out of and paying blackberry price plans totalling £40 a month . Do not get blackberry phones

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Re: Blackberry rollerball faults

Hi Alexevie30,


This does sound like you've been particularly unlucky with these. We've not heard of any particular issue with this previously.


I can see that you've sent the original handset away on your insurance, but you don't mention if you've sent it in for a warranty repair with us. I'd definitely recommend this for any handset you've got from us as you have a 2 year warranty on each device with us.


Can you try a hard reset for me first, just to see if this clears up any software glitch on the devices?


- Switch the handset on
- Whilst powered up, remove the SIM card and battery
- Put the battery back in and switch on
- Wait a couple of minutes, then remove the battery again
- Replace the SIM and battery and switch back on


If that doesn't clear things, I'd suggest backing up the device and restoring the phone to factory settings.


If these steps don't fix things, then let us know and we'll be happy to help arrange the repair if you need us to.



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Re: Blackberry rollerball faults

Hi Dave I have tried all the things you suggested but none have worked. Where do we go from here to fix the problem I have with the 2 phones . I am not with the thing you said that I must be very unlucky as I have spoke to several friends who have had the same problem or know someone who have had rollerball faults. I,m not with the idea of fixing/ replacing for another blackberry as we are "unlucky" what other alternatives do I have. Thanks Garry jones

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Re: Blackberry rollerball faults

Hi there Alexevie30,


Thanks for your post. I'm sorry Dave's suggestions didn't work.


You'll have to send the devices off for a Vodafone Repair.





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