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Bold 9900 'sim not allowed'

Hi tech guys,


Little problem with my bold which has started happening since the last VF software update.

Frequent 'sim not allowed' messages. Although a battery pull does the trick, doing a pull 3-4 times a day is getting slightly tedious.

Happens at random times, when and where it feels like it, but mostly seems to be when the signal is low.

Tried in 2g and 3g modes, cleaned the sim numerous times etc etc.


Time for a new sim, this one is about 4 years old?

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Re: Bold 9900 'sim not allowed'

Hi thewelder


I’d definitely say that its time for a new SIM :smileyhappy:


I’ll send you a private message over explaining how to get in contact with us so that we can sort this for you. In the meantime would you be able to test you SIM in another phone to see if you get the same messages there?


You can find your PM inbox here


Please let us know the outcome of this.






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