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Internet Service Has Suddenly Stopped Working - EDGE / GPRS on Blackberry

I have used the blackberry internet service for around 8 months on the same phone (Curve 8520) without complication, and it has suddenly stopped working.


I have a text & web freebee with 500mb data allowance that lasts 30 days that to my knowledge has not been exceeded.


My phone had functioned fine in the morning of yesterday from my home up until around 9am, when the blackberry app world asked me to perform a restart. When the phone had finished loading up, the internet browser, and internet reliant applications such as Facebook and Twitter do not function.


The connection at the top right displays as EDGE or GPRS whilst this is happening.


If I were to use a wi-fi network, the phone runs without fault! But as I have much less time in the day to connect and use a wi-fi network, this comes as a severe inconvenience.


Upon running a diagnostics test on my phone:

Connected to Blackberry: No

Blackberry PIN-PIN: Abort


I have never run this test before so do not know if this would be a sufficient reason for what is happening.

I have a good signal and occasionally the odd e-mail has slipped through, but this can take a long while.

My Data Services are switched on.

My service status displays as

Blackberry Internet Service

Connection: Mobile Network


I have tried both hard and soft resets, as well as the "Register Now" in the host routing table. I also used a wi-fi hotspot to go into email settings and send service books, but nothing has seemed to work :smileyfrustrated:


Strangely enough, I can connect to through my phone, but no other sites!


Any advice that helps towards resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! :smileywink:


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Re: Internet Service Has Suddenly Stopped Working - EDGE / GPRS on Blackberry

Hi 3nticed,


BlackBerry have experienced difficulties with internet and email connections recently which has now been resolved.


If you are still experiencing this issue, please remove and replace the battery to restore service.



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