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Missing Emails

I used to have an old Blackberry, and have now got the Curve 8900.

Over the past 5 days, at least 3 / 10 emails have not come through to my Blackberry, but have to PC?

Is there any reason this would happen?

I thought 100% should come through, so why am I always missing some?

Any ideas?
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Missing Emails

Hi Spency,

How strange, this has happened a few times on my storm, please can you go to options>advanced options>host routing table>options>register now.

You may also like to go onto login to your account and send the service books to yourself.

After this please perform a battery pull, but take the SIM out for about 10 minutes and put it all back together, now you should receive all your emails on time.


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Missing Emails


Have tried this.

On another note, I looked at my BB today and only saw my sent messages.

Now, I remember from years ago, when I have a BB I had to tick in my email browser on my PC to leave the message on the server.

It was unticked before, is this why all my messages got removed from the Blackberry? I use Pop3.

Or do I have yet another problem with it?
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Missing Emails

Hi Spency

Outlook has a tendancy to delete emails from the server automatically ad as you correctly pointed out, ticking the option to leave a copy is often the best way to ensure there's something there for the Blackberry service to pick up.

Try making sure this is ticked then run it for a while to note any improvement in the situation, :)

Reidar :ph34r:

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Missing Emails

I am still having issues so phoned your tech support, got through to sunny Egypt and I was told......

now wait for this, its amazing technical advice .....

to turn it off and turn it on again !

Then if it didnt fix, you would replace it.

I dont know how much you pay these guys, but their advice is invaluable.

I am still having issues with the BB deleting emails. I think I might have solved it by changing the reconcile now option setting to delete on handheld, not on prompt, which is now leaving my emails on the server and for 24 hours now on my phone.

If it happens again, you can have the phone back, and I will cancel my contract.

Your tech support is now worse than BT, and thats saying something, your customer service advisors dont want to or dont have the time to help and well, after 7 years as a customer, I think either cost cutting or new staff just dont give the same commitment to their customers. I Would never dream of not ringing someone back after I promised to, no matter how busy I was, I would just stay later.
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Missing Emails

Hi Spency,

Wow, I think you almost broke my sarcasm meter! :lol:
I'm really sorry the advice you were given was not up to scratch. I will feed this back to the front-line tech teams.

You're right that turning off Wireless Reconciliation will stop the Blackberry from deleting emails from the handset which are no longer on the server - however, the fact it is doing this means that there is still something somewhere deleting your emails from your POP Server.

It can't be the Blackberry, which only leaves Outlook. I think it's worth double-checking the Advanced settings for your email account again and making doubly sure that all computers you check this account with are told to leave messages on the server after downloading, and to only delete them after a set amount of time (or when deleted from deleted items). That will put the issue to bed for you once and for all :)


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