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Network Change From O2 To Vodafone

Can any blackberry owners please help with my query? My daughter has handed down her old simlocked Pearl 8100 now she has an iPhone. We have a lousy O2 signal so I want to use the Blackberry pay as you use on Vodafone. I am slightly confused about this and have 2 queries: 1. The phone is simlocked to O2. Do I pay one of these internet companies to send me the code or do O2 do this? 2. If I can then use Vodafone, can I amend my existing monthly contract SIM. I also have VF payg. What should I do next as I would like to use the Blackberry service for e-mail, internet and calendar. Any comments much appreciated.Alan
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Network Change From O2 To Vodafone


You will need to have O2 unlock the blackberry. The original named account holder will need to do this.

You will need to add BIS to your contract SIM (Blackberry Internet Service, or wrongly referred to sometimes as Blackberry Email). You should, if you dont already, add an internet package to the contract too.
Once youve done that, you should be good to go.

One note, you cannot add the blackberry services to your PAYG account as vodafone do not offer this.

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Network Change From O2 To Vodafone


I can see that Darkone has offered some great advice. Thanks :D

If you still have any questions please ask and either a member of our team or a fellow forum user will be able to help out.


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Re: Network Change From O2 To Vodafone

Hi there,


My Daughter has just upgraded from her 8520 to the 9300 so that she can 'Check In' at places etc .. The 8520 was a PAYG Sim Free one which she uses with her Vodafone Contract Sim (Inc BBS)


The 9300 she now has was Unlocked from O2, everything seems to be ok (BBM, etc) apart from she said she can't access the internet.

She said it connected via Wi-Fi but it wouldn't via Voda Live.. Will she need to change any settings in the Browser to make it work on Voda or should it work straight away ? Also she said it wouldn't let her log into App World.. Could these be related ??


Any help would be Much Appreciated,


Thank You,

Zander Smiley Happy

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Re: Network Change From O2 To Vodafone

Hi Zed2k11


Welcome to the eForum Smiley Very Happy it is always good to see new faces on here.


Thanks for all of the information, it helps to narrow down where the issue lies, and it does sound like a linked issue here.


The first thing that I would do is to resend the service books to the phone. to do this:


Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > highlight any line of numbers and press the BlackBerry button and select register.


These should then come through again to the phone.


I believe that this should help, if not please let me know Smiley Very Happy





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