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'No Service Currently Available'

Everytime I try and make a call I get the message ''No Service Currently Available'....kinda annoying...oh wait I mean really annoying. Help please.

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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

I also can't text. Greaaaaaaat.
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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'


A couple of suggestions and troubleshooting:


1) worth checking if there are any known outages in your area on the online Faults Board


2) Is anyone else on Vodafone having problems in the area / or, is it possible to try your SIM in a different handset? (this lets you narrow down if its a problem with the SIM card and network, or the device itself


3) Sometimes if there's been an intermittent problem it's worth refreshing yourself on the network, you can do this by following the below steps:


  • Tap All
  • Scroll down to and tap Options
  • Tap Networks and Connections
  • Tap the Mobile Network
  • Tap the Network Selection Mode: dropdown list
  • Tap Manual
  • Select a non-Vodafone network to temporarily 'roam' off Vodafone
  • Repeat the process to reselect Vodafone as your network


4) If it's a problem with 3G only then sometimes it's worth switching down to a GSM only connection, you can do this through the following steps:


  • Touch All
  • Scroll to and touch Options
  • Touch Networks and Connections
  • Touch Mobile Network
  • Touch the drop-down arrow next to Network Mode
  • Touch 2G.
  • (when a problem is fixed though be sure to reselect both 2G and 3G)

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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

I still do not have network coverage, since the morning. What is happening is a serious inconvinience.

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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

i have the same problem.  i upgraded to a torch last week and ever since, i have been unable to make/receive calls/texts due to it saying no service currently available even though it shows i am in service. very frustrating.


i have put my sim back in my old handset and no issue dso its definitely handset related.  handset not faulty though as i am able to link up to my wi-fi and use the internet etc.


have just phone customer services and they suggested changing my sim as it could be to old to handle the Torch, which sounds unusual however i will go to my local shop to change sim in case this helps. very frustrating though as if this is the case, i should have been supplied with a new sim upon upgrade.  overall, not exactly happy so far.

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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

[ Edited ]

Out of curiosity is it a brand new phone or is it from ebay / gumtree?


Or were they previously from a business user?

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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

I have had the same problem. Since "upgrading" to the torch I have had problems connecting to the network. So far have replaced the SIM witha newer SIm and had the phone repaired and subsequently replaced. Still no improvement and now seriously thinking of going back to my old Blackberry where at least I could make a call!!

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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

I have had exactly the same problem. Everything is working fine; bbm and internet, I just can't receive or make calls or texts. My Blackberry Bold 9780 was bought from CeX: Entertainment Exchange. 


Someone please help me, this is so frustrating!!

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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

Hi jd1992,


To be honest it is hard to completely resolve your issue as it was not purchased from us directly or as part of an upgrade.


As a result I would contact CEX directly to see if they would be willing to exchange the phone or give you a refund as it sounds like it could be a faulty handset.


Alternatively I would try a different SIM in the phone to see if it is SIM or network issue.



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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

Hi i have the same problem

though i did get a torch from ebay

is there a way to check if it is blocked

so i know



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Re: 'No Service Currently Available'

You can use this website to check to see if your phone is blocked




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