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PAYG BIS renewal problem

I have a BB Bold 9780 running OS6 on Vodafone PAYG.  I was unable to top up my credit in time to renew my BIS subscription this month, so I've just done so this morning and re-activated it through the 'My Account' section of the vodadone website.


My device is now not receiving e-mail, Facebook gives the 100 error, and Twitter says 'BWP Security Token retrieval failed'.


The Blackberry logo is showing in the top right of the screen.  I have tried removing the battery, re-sending the Host Routing Tables (several times), connecting manually to another mobile network and then switching back to Voda, all to not avail.


If I disable Mobile Network and connect only over WiFi, all my Blackberry services work as normal, so the issue appears to be on the 'vodafone' leg of the journey.  Is this just a short-term issue because I've re-activated, and therefore have to let the data repopulate around Vodafone's servers?

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Re: PAYG BIS renewal problem

Everything has now started working properly of it's own accord - so I guess it was just a case of waiting for the renewal to kick in fully.  I guess patience is a virtue after all!

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