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Red cross when sending a blackberry message



I have a Blackberry bold 9700 and just today i'm unable to send a message to one person. When i send a message it comes back with a red cross. Doesn't matter how many times i send, still the same but i'm able to a message to another person with no problems. I've tried everything from pulling the battery to turning the network and Wi-fi off and on and still no luck.


Please help, Thanks

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Re: Red cross when sending a blackberry message

Hi Jenny.


Do you mean a BBM message or a PIN message?

If you're able to send a message to another BB, it sounds as though the problem is at the first person's end.


The only time I've had PIN message come back with a red cross (& I assume BBM uses the same symbols) my friend had changed his phone (so his PIN had changed).


I know this sounds a bit 20th century, but have you tried calling the person to check if there's a problem at their end?

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