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Requested Facility not Subscribed

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I'm getting this error when I try to send a text. I've already tried a power on battery remove reset and trying to register the device under the Hash Routing Table option.


When I try to phone 191 for support it says connections to the number are restricted on my phone. I really have no idea what to do now.


Edit: Should say I have a blackberry curve 9300

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Re: Requested Facility not Subscribed

Hi Meolox,


Sounds like something definitely isn't right somewhere.  Have you tried your SIM in another phone to see if that is able to make/receive calls/texts?  If it can't then the problem probably lies somewhere with the number/SIM, and if possible, testing in another area would confirm this.  If it works in another phone, put the SIM back in the BlackBerry and see if it will then work in the BlackBerry.  If it doesn't, then the problem lies on the BlackBerry phone.  In addition to the information you posted, please can you advise on the following


Can you make calls to any number?

Can you receive calls?

Can you receive text messages?

Do you have data connectivity?

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