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SIM not detected

I have tried 4 different sim card in my Blackberry Z10 every single one say 'Sim Not Detected' anyone have any ideas, the sim card I used all work in other phones, had the phone less than a year.

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Re: SIM not detected

Looks like the SIM contacts are damaged.
That will definitely be a repair job. Either order a bag to send it off for repair or take it to your nearest Vodafone shop. That is if you got it on contract from Vodafone.
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Re: SIM not detected

Yes got a Vodafone contract, still within the first year?

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Re: SIM not detected

Hi morritos,


Before sendiong the handset off, you might want to try wiping the area of the SIM contacts with a dry cloth in case there's any dirt or dust in the way. Whilst they're not all reachable, you might catch the edges of anything affecting the hidden ones.


 If that doesn't help, you can see how to arrange a warranty repair here.



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