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Sim Unprovisioned: 2

Having transfered from O2 my O2 sim has been de-activated but my vodafone sim is showing the message "Sim Unprovisioned: 2". Does anyone know what this means or how it can be fixed?
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Sim Unprovisioned: 2

All that means is that your port hasnt gone through yet - Have you had the phone on all the time? If so, it cant update the sim - turn it off/back on and should work - otherwise contact voda to see when its due to port - 08700 700191 if telesales, 08700 770020 opt 2, opt 1 if ordered online.. My guess would be the power problem.. ;)
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Sim Unprovisioned: 2

Hey there CyborgKev!

Great to hear that you're coming aboard our network :)

Generally speaking, I'd give it 24 hours to port over fully - there will always be a slight delay in this process. Let us know later how you're doing, and if it's still not completed tomorrow, give us an update and we'll see what's going on.


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Sim Unprovisioned: 2

Not usually - if the existing sim has been cancelled - either means the port has gone through or theres a fault... ;) Eitherway - give them a call - fixes things that much sooner
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Sim Unprovisioned: 2

I had the same problem with another Blackberry which I have on the account. Turned out to be the SIM card. Got it replaced and everything worked perfect!
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