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So cross with vodafone/blackberry

I am so so cross with vodafone......I have a stalker, sometimes violent texts and sometimes really lovely ones and sometimes very very threatening ones. So, I called vodafone to be told I could block his number if I had a crime number so I called the police and reported it and they gave me a crime number - great i wrong could I have been not only does my stalker continue to stalk me but vodafone tell me he has to contact me 3 times then they will stop his number end of. So after 3 texts and 3 calls to vodafone they now say they cant block his number I have to change my number but why should I be inconvenienced because of some nutter who wont leave me alone?  Im told I can download an app, so I did but it blocks spam and not individual after call after call and still nothing....Im beginning to think vodafone are crap crap and simply crap all I want is for them to press a button and stop him contacting me vodafone now say they can have a manager contact me in 48 I have to put up with my stalker stalking me for another 48 hours this is ridiculous to say the not happy!!! Smiley Sad

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Re: So cross with vodafone/blackberry

After 3 instances Vodafone have a nuicance callers team who can help you with your situation, but that doesn't mean blocking the number


You could do a number change if you are being threatened, I appreciate its not convenient but its a small price to pay for the level of threat, and Vodafone will do this free of charge normally with a crime reference number.

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Re: So cross with vodafone/blackberry

Hi Mag.

I know it shouldn't be necessary and it would be a massive inconvenience but the only sure way, as I'm sure you know, is to change your number.  Technically, it ought to be possible for Vodafone to block his calls/texts to you but what if he has another phone?  It might even be the case that dialling 141 (to hide his outgoing number) will circumvent the block.


Frankly, I'm astounded that the Police didn't want to do more about it.  A call from them would, at the least, put him on notice that you really want this to stop.


I can't think of any way (apart from using a custom ringtone to silence his calls/texts) to block his calls from the handset.  There are a number of third-party apps on App World that will allow you to block calls & texts.  Perhaps, as a stop-gap until you are contacted by Vodafone, one of these would give you some peace.


Best of luck.

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Re: So cross with vodafone/blackberry

Hi there mag00,


Many thanks for your post. I'm really sorry to hear about the situation you are faced with. I'm sure it's very uncomfortable for you.


Unfortunately we are unable to block the number from contacting you but we are able to offer you a number change. I realise this isn't the most convenient work-around for you but it's the best we can offer.


If you'd like to go ahead with this then I've sent you a PM which can be accessed here. If you could follow the instructions in the PM and send us your details one of the team will be with you as soon as they can.



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Re: So cross with vodafone/blackberry

I bought a Blackberry Vodafone secondhand over a week ago and my internet isn't working, i have put 5 quid on the phone, even had it's looked at by a vodafone technician and still nothing. Even had it flashed at a shop for an additional 15 quid and still nothing. It does not even work on wifi. For some reason it did at random work on my wifi at home for only for about 5 mintutes a few days ago then suddenly it stopped working again. There isn't a problem with my wifi at all as loads of people use it including myself with my laptops, i do not understand why i am having such problems with this phone as i have seems to have tried everything, i have registered it so many times, resetted the phone 4 times, had vodafone and outside companies look at it, how can the internet not be working and how can i get this phone to work.


Please help




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Re: So cross with vodafone/blackberry

Hi Benny,


Have you had a Blackberry before? Do you know how to check the settings? What model BB is it?


In the mobile network settings make sure that data services are set to on.


The phone will say 3G/GPRS or Edge. These need to be in upper case. If they are shown in lower case it means that the Blackberry service known as BIS (Blackberry Internet service) is not active on your account and you need this to be able to use the internet with a BB. However, it doesn't explain why Wi Fi isn't working.


If none of these suggestions help I would try a security wipe of the phone and then connect it to your computer and re-load the operating system with the Blackberry Deswktop Manager software. This is a free download from the BB website.


Good luck!


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Re: So cross with vodafone/blackberry

Benny ... Sounds like you need BIS (£5 per month for PAYG, I think).  Call Customer Services to activate.


As Jeff says though, wifi should work without BIS (although I find that, with BIS data services switched off, I can't access any Vodafone website).  Are you sure the phone was working before you bought it?

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