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Upgrade: When Does New Tariff Take Effect?


I am upgrading to a BlackBerry phone and tariff this evening. My new tariff has unlimited internet and BIS. If I order tonight, when will these take effect? I'm wondering if I can take advantage of inclusive internet on my current phone before my new one is delivered.

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Upgrade: When Does New Tariff Take Effect?

the update packages i think are applied immediately, but as you have unlimited internet on both your current and your proposed tariff you can continue to use the internet on your old phone to your hearts content...

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Upgrade: When Does New Tariff Take Effect?

Hi Phillykins,

Darkone has summed it up quite well here for you - the tariff change usually updates by midnight on the day of the change so from tomorrow you should be fine ;)

Your allowances will be allocated on a pro-rata basis, but this shouldn't affect the unlimited internet bundle :D

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