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Will getting a new Blackberry mean my bolt on and sim card works on another phone?

Hey :smileyhappy: 


My name's Matthew and I'm currently an owner of a Blackberry Curve 9320 on Vodafone. When I originally purchased the phone my contract was to last 24 months, I got a standard plan with 1 GB of internet usage. 


I'm now about 13 months into my 24 month contract and while I love my Blackberry it's beginning to fall apart, the battery doesn't hold a charge, the phone is scratched and there are several other features beginning to go wrong with it. While I have no desire to do anything like buy myself out of the contract what I'd like to do is buy a brand new 9320 and use my existing sim card in the new phone. Before buying though I'd like to know if this procedure is okay and acceptable? I assume that the sim card will automatically work but will the bolt on that allowed me to have internet and the likes of BBM work on another phone? If a member of Vodafone staff would get back to me as quickly as possible that'd be awesome because like I say I love my Blackberry, I'd like to just get another version of the same but I'm scared it won't work.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Will getting a new Blackberry mean my bolt on and sim card works on another phone?

Hi there


You won't have any issues with the replacement Blackberry not working. All you will need to do is take your SIM card from the old phone and put it into the new phone. The Blackberry services will continue to work on the new handset with no issues.


Enjoy your new phone!

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