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3/4G but no internet abroad


For about the lasr 18months I've not been able to pick up data abroad - although the 3/4G is still showing. I've tried all the obvious bits, as well as new sim and new phone to no avail. It's a business contract but any help would be amazing.

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Re: 3/4G but no internet abroad

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This could be attached to the foreign network experiencing issues. 


Did you try manually choosing another network. 


I've known for two peipke to be abroad using the same network and on same phones and ones been fine and the others had issues. 


Unfortunately Vodafone wouldn't be able to guarantee everything will work when abroad as understandably they have no direct control over the network. 


I assume Vodafone have confirmed roaming is fully turned on and no data style bars are on.

You can also check in your online my Vodafone


As a fall back avenue if your phone is unlocked to all networks and WiFi isn't available then you could use a local sim. 



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Re: 3/4G but no internet abroad

Hi @Mbdxgck2


It's more than likely there is a roaming restriction on the business account.


With the forum not having access to business accounts, providing the business account is in your name, if you contract Vodafone Business for account access, they will be able to help.

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