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K3565 again and again and again!!!

Just got another K3565 dongle. Plugged it into my laptop. Ran diagnostics, all present and correct. Connected to the internet. All OK. Ran a balance check and got back the message £0.12. All fine. Turned off the laptop and went to the shops to buy some credit. Got home and turned on the laptop. Device found, network found and then, lo and behold, it wouldn't connect. Sim id and number not in diagnostics anymore. What is going on? I am beyond furious about this. Are Vodafone trashing these sims? I want my sim id and number back so I can use this device. Please  reply to this post URGENTLY.



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Re: K3565 again and again and again!!!

Hi reltonp,


I'm sorry to hear of the problems you are having here.


In the Vodafone software, is it showing any reception at all? What colour is the light flashing on the device?


The first thing that I would suggest to try, is to put the Sim card from the modem into a phone and turn it  on. Then try it again in the modem. If it has fallen slightly behind on the network, this will update it.



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Re: K3565 again and again and again!!!



How good is your reception? I often get a SIM undetected error message in low signal areas.

I'd suggest to bring yourlaptop to the shop (where the signal is good) and ask someone to help you there. (I knwo, why should you have to do that...)


Are you running Win7 64bits by any chance? 


Goof luck!

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Re: K3565 again and again and again!!!

Hi thanks for the replies. I guess it must have been a low signal as you suggested because I tried it again in my laptop and it worked! Sorry for the panic.



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