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K3772 dongle and Windows 10

I have just updated to a refurbished computer with Windows 10 and have a K3772 dongle of about 2012 vintage. Can I upgrade this dongle or will I need a more recent one. Presently on an xp machine.

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Re: K3772 dongle and Windows 10



I've found something about the K3772 and Windows 8 here - but it's from a while back, and most of the links don't work, so I'm not sure that it will necessarily help you a great deal.


I'm going to move this thread to the Data on the Go section of the Forum, where it's more likely to be seen by someone with appropriate knowledge.

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Re: K3772 dongle and Windows 10

There seems to be some additional information from Vodafone here - not sure if this helps:



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Re: K3772 dongle and Windows 10

Thanks Annie N and forumfairy. I may try downloading the drivers but that would have to be to the xp machine and then see what happens when I try to transfer the Lenovo ThinkCentre.


Your help much appreciated but it may be in the end a trip to Sutton Coldfield store and a much more recent dongle, assuming it will work.

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Re: K3772 dongle and Windows 10




Let us know how you get on with the advice from @Annie_N and @forumfairy.


If you'd like any further information about our dongles, please see our online store

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