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4G in NW London

I've recently signed up to a 4G tariff but where I live and work (NW3 & NW6 respectively) I am only getting 1 bar of 4G, and this is outdoors. More often than not, my phone is showing H+.

I was just wondering, is this how it will be permanently? Or is the service being worked on still even though the area has already been activated?

Am I likely to see improvements in the future?
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Re: 4G in NW London

Hi there

If you are experiencing network issues, the first thing to do is go through the steps in the Network Troubleshooting Guide.

If these steps don't sort out the problem, please could you post the template with your results back here so that the eForum Team can investigate the issue for you.

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Re: 4G in NW London

Hi mannyp


Thanks for your post.


Please could I have the full postcodes so I can check these out?


You can also view current and future 4G coverage on our UK coverage map.





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Re: 4G in NW London



Full postcodes are NW6 5BS and NW3 2PS.


Indoors I get a decent 'H/H+' signal in both locations but I have yet to witness 4G indoors. Outdoors, in the fresh air, it's a maximum of 1 bar 4G. Speedtests show a speed of around 6Mbps on the 1 bar of 4G. To be honest, this is hardly the 4G speeds I was expecting.


It is definitely not my device (Galaxy S4) because a friend with a different device (HTC One, Vodafone 4G) is recording similar readings and signal strength in both areas.


I have been paying close attention to the signal and speeds these past couple of days and it seems that this is the situation with the signal at home/work hence why I asked if the 4G service was still work in progress or if this is final.


If this is final, I still have until next week Monday to cancel the contract and return the handset so I would really appreciate it if you could clarify the situation ASAP for me.


Just as a comparison, my brother in reaching speeds of 25-30Mbps indoors, in both locations, on his EE 4G service (Galaxy Note 2).


Thank you for your time.

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Re: 4G in NW London

Hi there mannyp,


Thanks for posting.


NW6 5BS - As you can see on the coverage checker, you'll not get 4G here.


NW3 2PS - Coverage here might be better but it's still not great.


Is there absolutely no coverage or is it very weak?





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Re: 4G in NW London

Hi Lee,

When you say I'll "not get 4G here", is that for the foreseeable future? Are there no plans to expand coverage?

Same question again for NW3 2PS. Are things likely to improve?

When reading the 4G mission statement on your website and blog, it states that Vodafone spent x amount of money acquiring more frequencies than your competitors therefore coverage will be greater, better indoor penetration, etc etc. However, this does not seem to be the case for me, I have performed real-time comparisons with an EE 4G service which have outperformed your service by a great deal. And I live and work pretty centrally in London.

As I asked in my first post, once an area has been 4G activated, is that it? As in, is the activated service final? If I get 1 bar now, will I be getting 1 bar for the foreseeable future? Am I right to assume that it's early days and things will improve still?

To answer your last question, as I mentioned in my previous posts, indoor 4G is non-existent. Outdoor 4G is very week. Never seen more than 1 bar, results of 6Mbps. This is for both locations.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: 4G in NW London

Hi mannyp


I’ve looked into the next 3 months and there aren’t any planned improvements in this time period.


It’s the same for NW3 2PS.


However, as you have mentioned, this is merely the beginning of our 4G journey. Whilst I can’t promise anything, I’m sure that further improvements will come over time.





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