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4g Leeds - Switched on :)

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Not seen a press announcement or anything but 4g in Leeds has been on for about 4 days or so?


Got decent speeds on speedtest of around

57down and 17.5up :smileyhappy:





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Re: 4g Leeds - Switched on :)

Nice speed you got there!


How you enjoying 4G?

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Re: 4g Leeds - Switched on :)

Nabs wrote:

Nice speed you got there!


How you enjoying 4G?

Im on the edge of it in Birstall and get anything upto 29Mb. It's a lot better than my crappy 1.5Mb broadband connection.
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Re: 4g Leeds - Switched on :)

In December I was also getting around 20mb/s d/l but these days are long since gone. 4g in Leeds is now running at around 7-9mb/s on the Vodafone network. It seems to be getting slower by the week.

In comparison, Three's 3g network posts speedtest results of around 6-8 mb/s. Their 4g network is not here yet but if your serious about your d/l speed or using your phone for streaming / heavy browsing in Leeds.. Vodafone 4g probably isn't for you.

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Re: 4g Leeds - Switched on :)

Hi frost_trevor,


Please try the steps in our Network Troubleshooting thread.


If you are still experiencing the issue after completing these steps, post the template with your answers here and I'll have a member of the team get back to you ASAP.




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