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Phil, How can you help?

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I wouldn't bother because it'll break down within a month of you having it, Vodafone won't be able to repair it and then they'll replace it with a reconditioned one and expect you to be happy with their service. Apparently replacing a new phone that's not "fit for purpose" and not repairable, with a second hand repaired phone is their policy if it's not returned within 7 days. Don't feel 7days is a "reasonable time" to expect a £40+ contract phone to work. Shop manager doesn't appear to know Vodafone escalation complaints policy because can only direct to company website.....
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Re: Phil, How can you help?

When I have had issues where I feel that the 7 day isnt long enough (the SOGA says 'reasonable time' and its the customers choice that a handset is repaired, refunded or replaced, not Vodafones) I have contacted the Chief Executives Office.... Google it.


They have been 100% brilliant.


In fairness to the shops/online/phone team, they will have targets and standards to keep to, to keep their departments targets met and bonuses etc paid. They will have managers breathing down their necks etc. If shop staff were allowed to refund etc up to about 28 days then it would be mayhem, any old tatty handet would be returned, that pottentially Vodaphone couldnt get their money back from their suppliers/handset manufacturers. Keeping it to 7 days will minimize that as many folk will just accept it and move on


However, the Executive Office sorted my issue out perfectly. They replied to emails. returned calls when they said they would etc and my issue was resolved within a week. Obviously, reading other posts and forums, they will only get involved with genuine issues. Dropping phones in the toilet and wanting your money back etc wont wash.







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Re: Phil, How can you help?

Hi FiFrancis51,


Phil isn't in the office today for me to speak to. If you can post the specific details of your query, we'll be happy to see exactly what we can do to help.


There's nothing on your profile to help us track down any previous conversation with Phil and no previous posts, so I cannot say what we'd be able to look into in order to assist without a little more details.



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