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Battery drain

I'm losing roughly 20% of my battery overnight (during 9 hours sleep), I first thought this was the cell handshaking but during this time my wifi is on, any ideas? No extra software on phone, no overnight syncing or updating?
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Re: Battery drain

Have you tried a night with WiFi off?


WiFi can be quite a power drain even when not in use. 


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Re: Battery drain

As Nabs said the wifi can be a drain if you have a week signal in your bedroom the phone starts scanning 

Make sure you also don't have any apps syncing in the back ground eg Face book 

Turn active sync off


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Re: Battery drain

Great wifi signal, no background apps running, battery drain on wifi or cell
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Re: Battery drain

Check the advanced settings, by default the keep wifi on during sleep is set to always, this will drain the battery by maintaining the connection even when not in use

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Re: Battery drain

It seems it was a one off!
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Re: Battery drain

Thought this might be useful: I use a great wee program called Timeriffic. With this you can have profiles which can switch off wifi, put the phone on mute, change the ring volume, etc. You can configure multiple profiles so that they fit your needs exactly. Well worth a look and it's free.
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Re: Battery drain

I use 'Easy Battery Saver', which is also free, and has several power-saving modes, including a completely configurable 'Advanced' mode that allows you to specify what happens when the phone locks & sleeps, variable display brightness, what to do when the battery gets low, how to manage wifi, mobile data, bluetooth, syncing, and sleep and night scheduling. Or you can pick pre-set 'General', Intelligent' or 'Super' power saving options. There's also an option to turn off all and allow the phone to behave as normal. Only drawback is that it shows small ads, although they're not intrusive.


It works well for me.

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