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Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting (Vodafone es 3G)

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So I bought an unlocked HTC Wildfire S, my dad bought a new phone and gave me the SIM card since he wanted to keep his number.


However, I can't seem to connect to 3G network (Vodafone es 3G)


I set the APN settings as:


Operator: - Vodafone (Airtel)
Username: - vodafone
Password: - vodafone


...Which I found online somewhere.


I select the 3G network from the searched networks and it says "registered on network", but then I go back and it says "Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting".


Do I have the wrong settings?


I am a pay as you go customer in Spain, I bought this phone mostly for 3G capabilities, what is the problem?


EDIT: I found these APN settings:



But then got the error "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network"


Edit #2: Just tried to connect and it worked? I managed to load web pages fine. Maybe the new APN settings had to process? Or was it because I disabled Wifi? Either way - working now, so I'm happy. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting (Vodafone es 3G)

Hi tcgreen92


Thanks for letting us know that you've been able to update the APN settings to work with your device.


Your APN settings should work on the mobile network regardless of whether you have WiFi set to ON or OFF on your phone, however it is always worth checking that the APN's are correct for the network provider that you wish to use.


The APN's that you have provided on the post are correct for Vodafone ES so in future if you ever need to revert to these again keep the details in this post handy.





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Re: Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting (Vodafone es 3G)

Hi there,


I also got a Vodafone pay as you go SIM in Spain, it has worked fine before but this time when I changed over to this SIM it would not let me connect to the mobile network with the same error message.


I have tried it with these settings:

usuario: wap@wap
contraseña: wap125
Puerto: 80 


Are these wrong? Could I maybe message someone my details so that they can check if there's something wrong with my connection?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting (Vodafone es 3G)

Hi hannahfurrer


Welcome to the eForum :smileyhappy:


I've sent you a PM, if you could reply back I'll take a closer look at your account to make sure everything is set-up correctly. 


You can find your PM inbox here. If you can't access this link, please ensure that the box next to "Turn on private messages" is ticked on this page, and let us know if you need any further assistance.




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