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HTC Desire Hotspot - PC Settings

I have activated the WiFi Hotspot and connected with the PC. However, when trying to access the internet I get a "This page is not accessible message". Are there some settings on the PC that need to be changed? Or any other ideas?

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Re: HTC Desire Hotspot - PC Settings

Hi Usettler


Thank you for your post and a very warm welcome to the eForum.:smileyhappy:


I am a little confused, do you mean when you are trying to access WiFi through BT Openzone or at home?


First step would be to check that the WiFi has been activated, please select the business tab and log in as instructed, this will look like when you are logging into 'My Account' however there is a difference.:smileywink:


The second thing I would like to check is that you have the correct APN settings for your agreement.


Please back up all of your contacts and ensure you have the latest software for your device, guides for this can be found on our Help Centre as well as loads of hints and tips to get the most from your device.


Please let me know how you get on.


Many Thanks



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