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HTC Desire camera black screen, AGAIN

Ok, this is the 2nd desire that ive had this fault on ! when i switch on the camera, it just shows a black screen, and the indicator led at the top of the screen dosnt work anymore. had this before, went for repair, couldnt repair it now ive got it again, all this in less then 12 months, is there a common fault with this model phone ? or just something in the software, as its pretty funny that both times its happened have been about 5months after the handset was 1st used.

Worried now that its close to the "out of warranty" answer, and this just after i renewed my contract with vodafone !!

Any ideas what i can do this time ???


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Re: HTC Desire camera black screen, AGAIN

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Hi Doofuss

How annoying!

The only option we can advise at this moment in time wouldn't to attempt a repair on this device. 




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