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HTC Legend Browser Issue

I've recently updated the software in my HTC legend handset to  I now find that certain websites cause the browser to close unexpectedly. (eg Talk Talk mail login screen) Searched the web and found that it may be a FLASH issue?

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Re: HTC Legend Browser Issue

If it is Flash, have you tried updating the Flash Player app on your phone? Make sure its installed too if the latest Legend firmware supports 2.2.
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Re: HTC Legend Browser Issue

Not sure how to update the flash app. Can you advise?

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Re: HTC Legend Browser Issue

Hi robbzer101


I believe what you need is Flash Player 10.1, which requires you to have OS Froyo 2.2 installed.


I don't have a device at hand, but I'd guess you'd download the application from the Android market. Do a search and see what results you get.


Let me know how you get on.





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Re: HTC Legend Browser Issue

I have the same(?) problem where, only since my Legend has updated to 2.2, when I try to view video on BBC and other websites, the default and Dolphin browsers force close.


You "guess" you'd download Flash Player 10.1 from the Android Market - but I can't find it on the Market,  and the Adobe site  doesn't include the HTC Legend as supported for 10.1. 


Also, I see chat that the 2.2 release is, but the Adobe site nominates as the 2.2 build now - but I can't find a working site to install it from.


Other answers state that Flash Player 10.1 is built into) 2.2 and one can see it in Applications - but I can't see it there.


Help please! Can you sort through this confusion for a non-techie who just want his browser to work properly again.

Mike V

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Re: HTC Legend Browser Issue

Hi MikeV and welcome to the eForum


Thanks for your post here. I'm sorry to hear that you are having this problem too.


It does look like Flash is supported on 2.2 however it seems restricted to certain devices and the HTC Legend isn't one of them I'm afraid.


Here's the official supported devices list - Flash Supported Devices






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