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HTC One S - Black

Hi, I recently ordered an upgrade to this phone, but have since realised that you don't offer the black version - I really don't like the grey. Would it be possible for me to cancel this upgrade and then upgrade via Phone4u as I can see that they have the black One S.



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Re: HTC One S - Black



Shame you don't like the grey, I think it looks so much nicer than the black one,looks more expensive in grey.


Yes you can cancel your upgrade, you have 7 days from when your recieve your handset to send it back to Vodafone. 

You will then be able to upgrade through p4u.

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Re: HTC One S - Black

The black version is SO much better than the grey one IMO - prefer the red accents to the blue as well
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Re: HTC One S - Black

Hi johume78


It's a shame to see that you're looking to return your phone. It is everyone's personal opinion though, personally I love the white one just to throw that into the mix :smileyhappy:


As Nabs advises you do have 7 days to return your phone should you be unhappy with it for any reason and you can find more information on returns here - Return your Vodafone phone.





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Re: HTC One S - Black

I agree, the black finish to me looks much better. Luckily for me my partner likes the grey and is also due an upgrade so she's gone via Phones4U and got the black, I can keep my current deal direct and we'll be swapping handsets when they arrive in the post as she prefers the grey

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