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HTC Sensation? HTC AWFUL.

so a brief summary of the problems i've had with the HTC sensation. Look in ANY forum and you'll find so many others talking about this too...

Bought handset on contract, August 2011. 
Developped problems in September...

Constant restart, signal and battery issues. 
Phone sent away for repair, replacement phone given when unable to repair.

2 weeks after getting replacement phone, problems start again

constart restart, spontaneous shut down, battery issues, signal problems, completely unusable. 

Vodafone send new battery - no change.

Spoken to HTC using landline to complete troubleshooting - no change.

Now, phone will not even switch on. Comes to the white HTC screen and sits there, currently,for about 2 hours. Tried recovery from boot menu - nothing. tried factory reset - nothing.  


Vodafone/HTC... when are you going to admit there is an issue with this handset. there are hundreds if not thousands of posts and comments in various forums talking about all of these issues. This phone is utter sh*t, it doesn't work. I've paid good money for this and your service is crap. This saga has been ongoing since september and still, you refuse to realise that theres a severe problem, instead fobbing me off with crappy "solutions". 
And yes, I have filed a complaint and contacted a consumer watchdog with this issue. sort it out and i'll let them know that youve sorted things out.

What do i want? A PHONE THAT WORKS. I do NOT want to be given another HTC to be have the same problems again. I am sick of making do. Paying so much for the contract, paid for the phone when renewing the contract.

02 and Orange looking to be likely options in the future.    

HTC, Quietly Brilliant. - Bo****ks 

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Re: HTC Sensation? HTC AWFUL.

Hi Butler1,


Many thanks for your post and making us aware of the issues that you are experiencing.


Although there may be a some customers experiencing similar issues that can be found on the internet this only makes up a very small percentage of customer who have the HTC Sensation and although there may be a negative view of the phone online, you will only see negative posts about things such as these in any online community as people will very rarely post to say everything is fine.


However, as the issues with your phone seem to have gotten worse we will need to send the phone away for another repair, once this has come back please let us know if you are still experiencing issues so that we can then discuss the issues further with you.


Unfortunately we will need to send this away again before we can move forward with your query as the warranty of the phone will only cover a manufacture repair or a like for like replacement when the repair cannot be completed within a reasonable timeframe.




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Re: HTC Sensation? HTC AWFUL.

I sent the phone off again yesterday in store - the same person who sent it before sent it again, she seemed quite shocked I was back. If this sorts it out then fine, if not, im getting sick of it. 


I'll keep you posted. 

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