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Internet Settings - Really Confused



I have searched all over the forum and read so many posts but it's getting me more and more confused as there seems to be 3 different sets of advice, please could you clear this up for me.


I have a HTC Desire S on a vodafone pay monthly contract, and this is my issue:
When connected to the Wifi my phone functions perfectly and fast when browsing the internet and using applications such as Facebook. However, as soon as I leave the house and therefor switch to the mobile network these services become almost unusable. The internet becomes ridiculously slow, it works but I am talking minutes to load a web page and I always end up giving up. Using Facebook is the same, it will load eventually 5 times out of 10 but the rest of the time it just fails saying network error.


I would imagine the issue is down to my APN setting but on searching the forum I have found one named 'internet' one named 'Vodafone Wap' and one named 'MMS. Which should I use, or do you add them all? If In use the Internet one then the MMS stops working but this seems to be the reccommended one. I've seen some posts saying you need to type 'default' into the type box on one of them?


Please could you tell me what I should have setup as my phone is just unusable when on the move.


Thank you for your help / advice.

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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

Sorry but that sounds like normal service to me :smileyvery-happy:


On a more serious note you may want to check that you phone is set up to use both GSM and 3G


To do this do the following:


Press the MENU key 
Touch Settings 
Touch Wireless & networks 
Scroll to and touch Mobile networks 
Touch Network mode 
Touch GSM/WCDMA auto.



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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

Although these instructions are for a Samsung phone, these came from a Vodafone help sheet - there might be something in here that will help.


1. Touch the Menu key
2. Touch Settings
3. Touch Wireless & networks
4. Touch Mobile networks
5. Touch Access Point Names
6. Touch the Menu key
7. Touch New APN
8. Touch Name
9. Enter Vodafone WAP, touch OK
10. Touch APN
11. Enter:
For Pay monthly customers:
For Pay as you go customers:
12. Touch OK
13. Touch Username
14. Enter wap, touch OK
15. Touch Password
16. Enter wap, touch OK
17. Touch MMSC
18. Enter, touch OK
19. Touch MMS Proxy
20. Enter, touch OK
21. Touch MMS Port
22. Enter 8799, touch OK
23. Touch MCC
24. Enter 234, touch OK
25. Touch MNC
26. Enter 15, touch OK
27. Touch Authentication Type
28. Select PAP
29. Touch APN Type
30. Enter default,supl,mms, touch OK
31. Touch the Menu key
32. Touch Save
33. Touch the circle to the right of the Vodafone WAP profile name you have just created

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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

Thanks for the responses there, I do have the setting currently as GSM/WCDMA Auto.


Here is a link to the vodafone site and the explanation of the settings:


Under the resources section is 3 x pdfs explaining the setup:
1 - or Internet

2 - Wap

3 - MMS


I have configured 3 different APNs in my list, 1 for each of the above - The bit I am struggling with is this, you have to select the green box against one of these as you default and each document ends by saying to tick that box making it the default. If however, I leave the internet APN ticked then I cannot receive MMS, if I select MMS in the APN list then the MMS works fine but the internet seems slow, if I tick Wap then MMS and internet seems to work but internet seems even slower then with internet ticked.


MY head is mashed :smileysad:


Please help.

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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

Hello cooooky,


I'm afraid most of the internet slowness is down to Vodafone's rubbish data capacity on their network. Even in a good 3G or H area you can wait for ever as, although the data carrier signal is there in good strength the networks ability to to send actual data is very poor. Sadly it's been admitted that here in the Newcastle area they have over subscribed the system and unfortunately seem to give preference to business customers. We personal customers seem to go to the back of the queue. :smileysad:




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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

Hmmmm, thanks for that.


The most annoying thing here though is that I have been on vodafone for around 5 years now, I only upgraded in jult last year from a Blackbery Curve, the contract has basically stayed the same. The blackberry was absolutely seemless, I never had any complaints and even now, if I put my Sim card into my old blackberry and load facebook or the internet it much much faster and more reliable.


Even if the vodafone network is not brilliant, I still feel there must be a setting wrong somewhere as it's just unusable away from the WIFI.


Hopefully a vodafone expert will feedback shortly.

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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

What gdwhitehouse said is the right APN info, not a lot Vodafone can add to it really
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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

Your Blackberry runs on an Enteprise contract. Voda don't know if it's a private sytem or business so therefore it gets priority.


My DesireHD can be crap in Newcastle but get over the water into Gateshead and and it's blisstering fast...depends how many are trying to use the system in one place.


The APN you are using should be fine..


Name : Contract Internet

APN : internet


Proxy : <not set>


Port : <not set>


Username : web


Password : ***


Server : <not set>



MMS proxy  :


MMS port : 8799


MMS protcol : WAP2.0


MCC : 234


MNC : 15


Authentication type : none


APN type : *



hope this helps,




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Re: Internet Settings - Really Confused

Actually when I  think about it ... the password is web




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