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No signal on my wildfire

Hello, Just yesterday I lost my signal on my HTC phone. When i put the sim card in my old handset it works fine, but I am unable to use it in my wildfire. I have a monthly contract. Please help.

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Re: No signal on my wildfire

Hi Mikeep84,


Firstly I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the eForum.


The first thing I would check on the handset, is that you haven't got Flight mode selected. You can find this in Settings, Wireless and networks and make sure you haven't got a tick in the box by Flight Mode.


If this hasn't brought the reception back, then you could try a factory reset of the handset. You can find instruction on how to do this in our Wildfire help Centre.



eForum Team

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Re: No signal on my wildfire

Thanks for your reply. I have already reset my phone to factory default and no luck. My phone isn't on airplane mode either :-/
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Re: No signal on my wildfire

Hi Mike,


To be honest the cause of this could be one of two things;


1. The IMEI number of the handset has been bared.

2. The handset is faulty.


The next step for you would be to pop into your local Vodafone store to look art a repair however before you send this away through them I would recommend asking them to check the IMEI number agains the IMEI Blacklist to make sure that this is not the reason for the issue.


Give this a go and let us know how you get on.



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