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Re: Power button problem since update


Mine's the same - thought it was just a sticky power button but this makes much more sense.. I've tried resetting it to no avail.


Software and Android 2.3.4.


Also, please could Vodafone stop suggesting that people send their phone for repair for this issue? What are you going to 'repair' when the handset (hardware) is not broken? Are you going to 'repair' the software..? If so, I would've thought you'd be able to give a reason why this problem exists and a solution, and then roll out the update OTA to all handsets.. Let's hope there's something in the ICS update to fix it (assuming it arrives this side of Christmas..)



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Re: Power button problem since update

same problem, been going on for ages, 20-30 screenshots taken PER day, infuriating, and still no solution.


Switching screen on and off now a constant irritation, it takes mulltiple presses. Love the complete disregard for this, despite the problem being on multiple message boards, surely recall or fix.


2.3.4 /



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Re: Power button problem since update

Exact same problems since update! Reading these posts i am surprised that nothing has bee done about it! So Frustrating!

Androird version: 4.0.3
HTC Sense version: 3.6
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Re: Power button problem since update

Hi pretty_floral


Thank you for your post, I understand that this is frustrating.


Please could you ensure you are running the latest software for your device, that you have stored all of your contacts and information from your device and performed a hard reset by 


- Switch the handset on
- Whilst powered up, remove the SIM card and battery
- Put the battery back in and switch on
- Wait a couple of minutes, then remove the battery again
- Replace the SIM and battery and switch back on


If this has not resolved then we will need to try a factory reset before we look at options to send the device to our repair centre, if you have tried these steps please take the device to your local store and one of our experts will be able to take a look and advise you of your best options or alternatively we can arrange a postal repair.


Many Thanks



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