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Vodafone Settings sms



Got my new Sensation, thanks, and have received 6 sms message from vodafone with settings I need to save, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a save option for sms messages, I tried copy to sim but that didn't work.  May just be being thick but can you confirm what I am supposed to be doing?





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Re: Vodafone Settings sms

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Hi there creosote1,


Many thanks for your post and congratulations on a fine choice of handset.


Can you tell me if you are able to browse the internet and send and receive MMS (picture messages) without issue?


The settings should come pre-loaded on the device so these messages could prove to be unnecessary.


If you're new to the Sensation, check out our Sensation Help Pages the next time you need a fast answer :smileywink:





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Re: Vodafone Settings sms

Internet is ok but can't send MMS, the help pages are a user guide and don't include settings info as far as I tell.

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Re: Vodafone Settings sms

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Open the settings text from Vodafone and press menu. Does it not give you a save option? If not,double-check your APN settings by going to Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks>Access Point Names and click on the one listed. You can then edit the settings if required


This interactive guide might help:


Go to Menu>Getting help with your phone>How to configure the multimedia message settings?

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