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Voicemail Number

Am trying to setup Voicemail on my HTC Sensation XL.


I am in the phone settings and looking for the number I need to enter to divert calls to after they are unanswered (my voicemail number). I have called technical support on this 3 times and each time they gave me different numbers 121 etc, they seem unable to understand I want the number that the call gets diverted to to go to voicemail, NOT the number I dial to get my messages.


One number they gave me was +447836121121 I have tried this but then the caller has to reenter my mobile number which is useless.


Hopefully someone on here can help.!






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Re: Voicemail Number

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Hi scoobydooo,

To activate your voicemail all you should have to do is dial 1211 to set this up, you do not have a separate voicemail box number..

The +44783612121 number is generally used when you are trying to access your voicemail from another line, and you have to have a security PIN set up on your voicemail to do this

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Re: Voicemail Number

OMG, thank you!, Just called the 1211 number and it is all now setup and working!, I can't believe that Tech Support couldn't have told me this on the 3 phone calls to them!!!!


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