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Mobile Wifi R216

2: Seeker
I have just changed from 3 to vodafone. My first wifi router had to be sent back as it would not stay switched on unless it was plugged into the mains, despite having a battery. However, the replacement they sent me is exactly the same. As soon as i turn the power off at the socket the router switches off, only the green battery light is left on. The green light showing the wifi is on goes off. I press the power button on the router and it comes back on for few seconds then goes off. As soon as i plug it back into the electricity it comes back on. Am i doing something silly?! ( though i dont see what - i worked my 3 mobile wifi with no problems). Anyone else experience this?
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17: Community Champion

Hi @Shaz1112



I've not used that device to be able to pass on my own user experience however from looking at the specs etc of the Wifi R216 it appears either that some sort of timeout settings / battery settings are causing this or the unit or battery is faulty. 


If this was my situation I'd pop into a Vodafone Highstreet Store if I couldn't see anything in settings for them to take a look / guide me and if necessary have it repaired. {If owned less than 30 days then replaced. }


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Shaz1112


As soon as you make a connection to the internet, providing you have a good signal, your connection light should come on and remain solid.  


There is further information for you below.




Device Guides

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