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How Do I Activate My SIM Card?

I have a mobile broadband dongle which the sim card has been deactivated.
how can i reactivate this sim card
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How Do I Activate My SIM Card?

U may need to be assigned a new number if payt but u will have to call payt 08700 776655 or pop instore and the current sim can be checked. If its contract call 08700 700191 and ask for it to be reactivated.
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How Do I Activate My SIM Card?

If you have not used your mobile broadband dongle for six months, the SIM would have been cancelled and the number will now have been recycled.

You could try topping up the PAYG dongle, if it accepts the top up, it may reactivate the SIM.

Vodafone do not provide mobile broadband SIMs, they come with the dongle as part of the package.

You would need to purchase a new dongle to begin using the service again.


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How Do I Activate My SIM Card?

Hi stucar and welcome to the eForum

Thanks for your post here. Both welshrosco and AnnS are correct here

Please let us know how you get on and if you have any more questions just give us a shout



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