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Sharing a 3G connection

I have a 3G datacard which I use in a laptop. I think the data limit may be 3GB per month; I doubt I use 10 percent of it.


I'm thinking of buying an iPad. If I do, would Vodafone be willing to send me a second, smaller SIM on the same pay monthly subscription that I can put in the tablet so it and the laptop can both have 3G data access within the monthly fee I'm already paying?

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Re: Sharing a 3G connection

If you are wanting a micro SIM to use in your ipad with the same number, Vodafone would be unable to do this. Each SIM would have its own number and allocation of data. 


You could probably change the number to a micro SIM and get an adaptor for use in your laptop which are available from online sites.


A Vodafone store would be able to help with the micro SIM.

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