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Vodacom (Vodafone) South Africa USB Dongle

Can I use my USB Modem with a SIM card from another mobile operator?

Most USB Modems are not network locked to Vodafone in the UK but you will need to change the relevant settings to connect to any other network.

Pay as you go USB modems - the original K3565 and the new R version - are locked to the Vodafone network.


Hi there,


Referring to the above help article, can anyone please advise on what would be the best option?


I'm looking for a  pay as you go 3G USB dongle that would allow me to use it in the UK with a UK (Vodafone) SIM card AND also allow me to use it in South Africa (visiting once a year) on the Vodacom (Vodafone) network there with a South African (Vodacom) SIM card or possibly with another operators SIM card.


The usage in both the UK and South Africa is not much and I do not want a contract for the USB dongle.


If I purchased a PAYG Vodafone 3G USB dongle today, would it be one of the new UK network locked modems?


Is it possible to buy an unlocked dongle directly from Vodafone?


Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Vodacom (Vodafone) South Africa USB Dongle

Hi leondejager

Welcome to the eForum

I can see where you coming from with this.

All Vodafone modems would be locked to the Vodafone network, however as long as you have proof of purchase we should be able to unlock this for you.

After this is done it’s a case of just popping the SIM into the device and connecting whilst you’re in that country with the relevant settings.


eForum Team


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Re: Vodacom (Vodafone) South Africa USB Dongle

Hi BenJ,


Thanks for the information. I'll get in touch soon to have the modem unlocked.

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Re: Vodacom (Vodafone) South Africa USB Dongle

I too am going to South Africa and I have bought a Vodafone dongle to take with me. Will this be a very expensive way of picking up my emails whilst I'm there? Would it be better to buy a local dongle.....I will be using me UK contract mobile.
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Re: Vodacom (Vodafone) South Africa USB Dongle

Hi daisy22,


To be honest with you if you are using the internet on aUKdongle whilst abroad the charges would be;



Use up to 100MB a day (midnight to midnight,UKtime) for £8.


Rest of the world

Use up to 100MB a day (midnight to midnight,UKtime) for £25.


All of the charges for using your phone abroad can be found on our going abroad pages.





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