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Vodafone Huawei HG556A Router Gateway

Hi, I bought a Huawei HG556a (Branded Vodafone "Echolife" "Home Gateway") from Makro in Centurion South Africa a few months ago- I have returned it for repair by Vodafone (Vodacom South Africa) and got it back some weeks later. The intermittent dropping of the WiFi service now appears fixed. It still has gliches which I dont expect from a supposedly reputable firm and manufacturer. Now it wont automatically start (you have to manually do it) the 3G service- it started automatically previously. Problems remaining from before: My HP Officejet printer is recognised by the gateway- I can see its details in the advanced settings pages but I cannot access it from a connected Laptop. Although I can apparently see the folders/files on my 'shared' 1TB HDD connected to the gateway via USB, my laptop reports only 30GB of disk space on the drive, all free??? This product appears to be half-baked- it has the latest firmware (26?). Any suggestions.
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Re: Vodafone Huawei HG556A Router Gateway

Hi andrevanv, welcome to the Vodafone UK eForum!


I noted that you mentioned you bought the device in South Africa, so I did a little digging and can see that your IP address when registering is also South African.


Although both are part of the Vodafone group, Vodafone UK and Vodacom in South Africa are two separate companies. As such, we offer services, devices and software updates not available to them and vice versa.


This device, being a Vodacom product, would need to be queried with them - we simply don't have the information to assist or the ability to arrange a repair. Their website can be found at


I wish I could provide more assistance, but if you contact them thy will be much better positioned to do so for you.




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Re: Vodafone Huawei HG556A Router Gateway

Hi Dave,


Thanks for the reponse. Yes I am in South Africa.

It is a Vodafone branded Huawei product. Vodacom, whom I have approached, probably has not sold many of them and has not demonstated an understanding of it- it went in for repair and came back in the same state. I guess that all they did was refresh the firmware,  I was hoping that your forum members in the UK,  where hopefully more are in use, could assist with their experience and wisdom.


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