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dongle abroad

Hi I have a english vodafone dongle and I am in Spain at the moment  and would like to use my vodafone dongle, I also have a spanish vodafone sim card and wondered if it would be possible to put a spanish sim card in my dongle?  I am also thinking about the cost as £8.00 per day is a bit too much to pay for what i need to do, is there any cheaper way of using my laptop in spain, I would still need to use my english dongle when back in uk, hope that makes sense to you :smileyhappy: thanks  Carole

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Re: dongle abroad

Depending which airport you are flying into there may well be a Vodafone store in the arrival area. You should be able to pick up a Spanish pre-pay data SIM that will work in you UK dongle.


I have been to Portugal arriving at Faro airport 4 or 5 times during the last two years and stop off at the Vodafone store in the arrivals hall and pick up a Portuguese Voda Pre-pay SIM (I think it's called Vodafone Vita-net 10 Euro for 10 days) which can be topped up at most news agent shops or supermarkets.


The first time I did this the lady in the Voda store at the airport put the SIM in the dongle booted up my PC and checked everything was working properly which it was.


Very helpful and very cost effective. Hope you find something similar in Spain.:smileyhappy:

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Re: dongle abroad

Thank you Stunt Flyer I will try that and let you know how I get on :smileyhappy:

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Re: dongle abroad

Have a nice time :smileyhappy:

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Re: dongle abroad

Like you I want to use my dongle in Portugal, however Vodafone Epsom have told me that the UK dongle can only be used in the UK because it is 'locked. How can I obtain an 'unlocked' dongle or how can I unlock a Vodafone UK dongle in order that I may use it in Portugal.

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Re: dongle abroad



I think Vodafone only lock pay as you go dongles, but contract ones are unlocked.


If the dongle is not locked then the "buying a sim" advice is relevant. If you find that you don't get a signal when putting the portuguese sim in your dongle then it's probably locked and you'd need to contact Vodafone customer services to get it unlocked.


Also when you put the portuguese sim in the dongle you may need to set up a new connection profile (APN, username and password) if the Vodafone Portugal APN settings differ from Vodafone UK's. I would have thought someone in the store wher eyou purchase the Portuguese sim woudl be abel to inform you of the APN settings for VF Portugal should they be different. How you enter these settings varies between versions of vodafoen mobile broadband, if it's any help, on VMB 10 you'd need to:

- Click the advanced button (if you're nto already in advanced mode)

- Click the priorities tab

- Click in the mobile conneciton section

- Click the drop down arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the mobile conneciton section

- Click settings (at this point you might have to choose between WiFI or Mobile - if presented withthe option choose mobile and click OK)

- Click the network tab

- In the APN, username and password fields enter the details obtained from the VF portugal store where you got your sim

- Click OK

You should now have 2 conneciton profiels int he mobiel conenciton settings- VOdafoen UK (the default UK settings) and Vodafoen UK custom settings (the one you just created. To specify whch one will be used when clicking connect you'd need to select the radio button next to the connection profiel you want to use.



Hope that helps.

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