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dongle internet restricted access

I bought a vodafone dongle and have just rung up to get the restricted access removed, I received a pop up message from vodafone to say it had been removed, but I still can't get on certain sites and it won't even let me go on yahoo messenger! Please help!
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Re: dongle internet restricted access

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Re: dongle internet restricted access

Hello, I realise that this isn't helpful but could you tell me how to start a thread ?

I cannot send email via the 360 server and wish to advise technical support of this problem.


Colins Wife
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Re: dongle internet restricted access

Hi lauraeve and welcome to the eForum. :smileyhappy:


That's strange. :smileysurprised:


Does it state that the sites you're unable to view are content restricted on screen?


It may be something other than content control that's preventing the sites from been viewed.If it's does state content restricted, other than Yahoo, can you advise what other sites you are prevented from viewing?


If your registered for online services, you can access your account and it will show if the restriction is lifted.


colinswife hello there. :smileyhappy:


To start a new thread, firstly select the category you would like to post in. Once you've done this, in the top lefthand corner you should see a "New Message" tab. Click this, and you can enter your message title and content as displayed.


Let me know how you get on.





eForum Team




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