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Off topic

Apple Air Pods

17: Community Champion

This week I've finally got hold of some Air Pods. Actually they were bought for me by my children for my birthday last month but there was a lead time of a few weeks from when they were ordered.


Having used them for a couple of days with my iPhone I have to say I am very pleased with them. They do look a bit silly but I don't have to look at myself so that's not a problem. 


They are held in a case that looks a lot like a container for tooth floss. The box is also the charger and takes an Apple Lightning cable to charge it up. The first time you take them out a message pops up on the phone asking if you want to pair them. They are then automatically paired with any device using the same Apple ID - i.e. my MacBook and iMac.


As soon as I take them out of the holder and pop them in my ears they are connected to the phone. If I'm listening to something, it auto pauses if I take one pod out of an ear.


The fear is that they'll fall out. They seem to sit quite firmly in my ears and I don't feel at all concerned that one will fall out.


Overall, I'm delighted with them.


Anyone else on the forum got Air Pods? If so what do you think of them?


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17: Community Champion
Nice one @jeffkinn

I assume they have a microphone built in for phone conversations? If so is that automatic or is there a button etc...?
What distance do they connect over?

I'm very impressed about the auto pause feature, they is really clever!

I look forward to hearing more about them and the uses you have for them...

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17: Community Champion

@thesoupdragon Yes they support both phone calls and Siri.


A quick double tap on the side of one of the pods activates Siri and answers a phone call.


I'll test the distance and report back tonight.


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17: Community Champion

I tested the airpods with a phone call today and it worked fine. The person on the other end said he could hear me without a problem.


I also walked around the house with the phone being left in the lounge. While not a castle, it isn't a small house and I could move more or less anywhere and maintain connection to the phone so I would say that the range is 30 feet or more depending on walls, floors etc. More than enough for any normal user I would imagine.


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