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Off topic

Return of The X-Files - Mon 8/2/16- Ch:5 9pm.

17: Community Champion




I'm so looking forward to seeing the X files return tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm, after enjoying the previous Tv series and film. 


Did you watch this ? Remember the smoking man. The will they won't they 'thing' between Mulder and Scully.


The X-Files return to be broadcast on Channel 5


Source : The Guardian. 


Image courtesy of Google. 



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17: Community Champion

All in all a very good first episode. 


Wow do they look older. 


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3: Seeker Silver
I used to love the x files, mainly because David duchovny looked pretty fit. I was tempted to tune into the updated show but worry it wouldn't be as good. Didnt wanna ruin what I remembered it was pretty good. Heard mixed reviews but think I should atleast see for myself and take it from there
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