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Warranty Replacement? CHECK YOUR BILLS - Vodafone miscellaneous charges

11: Established Silver

If you have recently had a device exchanged -

  - check your bills!!!


Some users who have had SureSignal devices exchanged for free regardless of warranty status due to a known issue have reported having "miscellaneous items" (up to 3 months later) added to their bills which later turns out to be an "out of warranty" replacement fee.


This recently happened to me where I had received a replacement Samsung Galaxy S5 which suffered a known fault of the screen delaminating internally. Vodafone at first claimed it was out of warranty when in fact, it was still in with a week to go.


They eventually after many arguments agreed to replace, then in February sent me an invoice claiming to be "Page 1 of 2" with no second page to highlight the details and a simple entry "VRS ****** CTN" for £120 plus vat.


I questioned this and was told I had been charged for a handset they had replaced that was outside its warranty. This was credited this week.


So, whether you have had a replacement handset within warranty or a SureSignal that VOdafone had agreed to exchange for free regardless of its warranty status, check your bills carefully...


Trading Standards are aware of this and have said they are raising it with Vodafone. If you have been billed for an in warranty replacement, you should report this to them via Consumer Direct..

It is important to report all failed SureSignal V3 using the links below to:

BBC's Watchdog:

Trading Standards: Call them on 0345 4 040506

Vodafone CEO: -  (Search Vodafone UK)

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