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Last post by....



There used to be a field on the boards that told you who the last post on a thread was by (as well as the author).


This seems to have dissappeared! Now it only shows the original author, and not who last responded.


I'm asking this out of optimism more than anything else, but is there any chance we can have the last responder information back?






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Re: Last post by....

Hey headcheese,


I must admit that I hadn’t noticed that it had gone however, I’ve passed this over to our content guys to see if we can get this raised with lithium about adding it back in.



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Re: Last post by....

Hi headcheese


Thanks for the feedback. This was a design choice but a few other people have mentioned the same so I've passed this on to our designers to consider for future changes.



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Re: Last post by....

I totally agree 100% as now there is no method of checking to see if anyone has replied back to you. Yes you can set up notifications but why clog up your email inbox when a simple fix can resolve it.

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Re: Last post by....

Thanks JD,


To be honest I was asking more out of "you don't ask you don't get" mentality.


Nice to hear it's potentially being considered though.





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