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Android Security Issue

Hi I have a Vodafone 845 running Android 2.1 which presumably has the issue of passing round unencrypted authentication tokens , reported in the following link.


This bug is aspparently fixed in Android Version 2.3.4 .


Question - What is Vodafone response to this in relation to the 845


1) Will this be fixed for the 2.1 Release  i.e.   a 2.1.1 release

2) Will there be a Upgrade available to 2.3.4 

3) Nothing will be done and users will have to accept potential security issue or upgrade to a new phone.


Note since it's a Vodafone branded phone, a response of contact the manufacturer I would regard as extrememly poor Customer Service.


I look forward to your response.






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Re: Android Security Issue



All the information we have can be found here.





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Re: Android Security Issue

Thanks Lee , gives me a bit more info. but is the 845 classed as an older Android which won't get an update?

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Re: Android Security Issue



It's nothing you need to worry about, Google has fixed it server side 

See the thread here

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Re: Android Security Issue

That's great thanks..

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