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Phone Unlock Code

hello a newbie here , i was wondering if anyone could give me a code to unlock my old contract phone
detail`s are
nokia n95 8gb
serial number-356983012413354
my name -john mcgee
any help would be apprieciated cheer`s
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Phone Unlock Code

I believe you can get the code through your account on the vodafone website. Assuming you have an account. Its on the 'My Devices' page
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Phone Unlock Code

I called 191 and they gave me the code to unlock my N95.
No point trying to ring me. I have an N97!
N97 would have been great if it worked.
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Phone Unlock Code

vodafone have been selling their contract handsets unlocked for nearly 2 yeas now.

so check it is actually locked.

after that, you can call 191, or get the code from your online billing.
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Phone Unlock Code

thank`s to all that replied
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Phone Unlock Code

Is their a charge to unlock then?

I find it annoying that the phones are branded and locked to a network -

I hate the nokia start up screen and the vodafone start up screen.... takes a minute longer than I want it to!!!! :angry:
Other phone I've been able to disable them but I haven't on this one.... and the startup image I thought would replace it just adds that on after teh first two :(
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