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Split Port - Please Help



I wanted to try out the Vodafone service, having come to the end of my previous contract with Talkmobile.  It seemed easiest to take a £10 extra value bundle from Vodafone to do this, not least because Talkmobile use Vodafone as their network provider.


I provided the PAC code in the store and the porting date came (14/2/17) - and everything appeared to spring in to life - data and voice


However, it became clear soon afterwards that I was unable to make any OUTGOING voice calls.


2 visits to the Vodafone stores plus on-line chat and conversations with Porting Team suggested that this was a 'Split Port' situation.


A member of the tech team ultimately appeared to be confident that by sending instructions in 2 SMS messages to the phone in question would resolved the situation - and a follow-up call from him was arranged for the following day.


However (a) the SMS messages were never received (I think because the SMS messages can only be delivered to Voidafone-registered phones, which I think it cannot be because of the Split Port situation(?) and (b) the follow-up call never happened.


Subsequent calls to Vodafone have just gone around the same story repeatedly with promises that it will all be fixed in 24, 48, 72 hours.....but here I am on 4 March - 18 days after porting...and I am so frustrated and disappointed with Vodafone as I have no useful phone to use.


Anyone have any idea on how to proceed, as I am at the end of my tether.




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Re: Split Port - Please Help

Hi @vodastruggle



The porting terms should now be dealing with this still in the background to help resolve the split port. 


Unfortunately as your probably all too aware there isn't anything you can do at your end. 


Keep the 30 days network satisfaction guarantee in the back of your mind. 


We have official Vodafone Teams who read all posts. They are a small team so please give them a little time to reach your thread. 



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Re: Split Port - Please Help



It's a shame to hear that you're having porting issues.


I've sent you a private message with details of how to get in touch.


Once completed, a member of the team will be in contact to help get this issue resolved.

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Re: Split Port - Please Help

Hi and thank you.  I have messaged you separately, but just in case that message is lost, I have to report that it is impossible for me to achieve the requested registration in My Vodafone.  This is because step 1 of the registration requires me to enter the number of the Vodafone mobile.


however due to the porting issue, the number is not recognized as a Vodafone number and so I cannot register.  Neither is the mobile number on the original store receipt for the SIM card....I guess for the same reason?


please do make contact again to try to overcome this apparent Catch22 situation.  Thanks ever so much.

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Re: Split Port - Please Help

@User0403 Sorry to hear that. 


You're able to visit your local Vodafone store with a form of ID and proof of address to register your details for the account. 


Once this has been completed, the team will be able to complete security and assist further. 

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Re: Split Port - Please Help

Ok, 2 store visits later and I am told that I finally have a MyVodafone account registered against the telephone number in question.  Grateful if you now continue to progress this issue for me.

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Re: Split Port - Please Help

@User0403 If you've previously been in email contact with our team, please respond to our most recent email. 


Or alternatively submit your details again using the instructions in the private message I've sent. 


We'll then be able to look into this for you. Smiley Happy

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